Innovation Starts Here:

The newest product addition has been the UHMW nozzles which were designed for use in the food industry and are now being incorporated into many other industrial applications which include: drying of pop tops, wire and cable drying, and use with inkjet coders for product marketing. To assist with blower placement we also offer blower stands in three sizes: 12” x 12”, 18” x 18”, and 24” x 24” with a standard height of 48”. Shorter stands are also available to meet the customer’s specifications. These stands are offered in stainless steel or carbon steel with powder coat paint.

Industry applications include:

  • Cans & Bottles
  • Meat & Cheese
  • Hanging Parts/Wheels
  • Web Materials (Flat Stock or Exploded Metal)
  • Flat Sprockets on a Conveyor
  • Plastic Profile Drawing
  • Regenerative Blower Stands
airknife application (pdf)