AirStrike spun 304 stainless steel (SS) cone construction available in a 2” and 3” inlet by ½” discharge. Nozzles are used for delivery of a high volume of air for reaching both a greater distance and problem areas where water can build up or pool. Nozzles have been used for pop tops in the food and beverage industries and for meatpacking.

Along with the SS cones AirStrike has developed a UHMW line of nozzles which incorporate a 1” NPT connection for a closer and more precise blast of air. These nozzles have also been used in food processing plants and are the main nozzle use for wire and cable drying. The use of the small and compact design allows for ease of installation.

Product Features

  • Available in spun SS or machined UHMW
  • Allows for a large mass flow of air
  • Great for drying under pop tops
  • Easy to install and position
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